Dog friendly cottage information

Dogs aren't just allowed at Ha'penny Cottage, they are positively welcomed!

The only thing we would ask is that you don't leave your dog/s unattended whilst you go out as this is when they can become anxious, especially in new surroundings. We have a fabulous pet sitting service which is very cheap and easy to use. We have used them countless times ourselves and can recommend them wholeheartedly – see details below. Here are some of the items we provide to hopefully make your stay a little more fuss free and more comfortable for our canines.


We provide a variety of dog beds suitable for those travelling without their beds. If the beds in the dining room are not large enough, there are further new beds in the garage. Please just drop us a line and we will inform you of their whereabouts.


There is a grey, faux fur rug in the lounge in front of the wood burner. This is actually a memory foam pet bed so our doggy guests can enjoy sitting with their hoomans in the lounge, in luxury and comfort. Please don’t move this though.


Should your dogs wish to snuggle up with you on the sofas, there are throws already on the sofas and also some additional dog throws in the dining room for additional coverage if needed.


We are happy to provide large microfibre dog towels for you to use in wet weather or to give a quick dry off.


If your dogs love a paddle, a swim, or simply roll in something unsavoury, please give them a little wash before coming back into the cottage. We provide a ‘Mud Daddy’ portable pet washing device’ for guest use. This is kept in the garage. Please DO NOT use the cottage shower for washing dogs. Our bathroom pipes in Trunch are narrow and will not cope with dog hair, mud and sand. They will block up and our cleaning company will need to charge a fee for additional cleaning and also plumbing costs where necessary.


If you want to restrict your dogs to the downstairs or lounge area, we have a 'dog stopper' which guests are welcome to use. This also fits the lounge doorway as well as the stairs.


There is also a medium size crate which is located in the garage. Please use this if you wish to nip out without your dogs. Please only do this if you are confident your absence won’t cause your dog anxiety or cause them to bark and potentially disrupt our neighbours.


We have a ramp at the back patio doors for dogs who are older or arthritic, as ours is. These are a very safe and recommended way for dogs, whether or not they are of need, to come and go in and out of the cottage easily and comfortably.

DOG BOWLS - We provide several sizes of dog bowls in case you are travelling without

RECOMMENDED DOG SITTERS - Shannon's Pet Services

Please enjoy the interiors as you would your own home. If you find anything that is not as you would expect then please let us know as soon as possible so any issues can be rectified immediately.